Game Development Based on ICT


Kids are born into technology. We need something different, something more philosophical than putting computers in classrooms. Technology is not just a tool of content learning, it is the thing that will change your outlook on life. Kids must have a different outlook!

With the methodology developed as the product of a two-year collaborative effort with Innovative Thinking Lab and our international partner organizations, we are offering  a universal training for teachers, trainers, youth workers, facilitators, non-governmental employees and all gamers that consist of “Scenario Development”, “Platform Recognition and Choosing the Appropriate Platform”, “Material Development-Gathering” and “Play Now” stages.

The aim of this training is to strengthen analytical thinking skills for developing and simultaneously utilizing multiple skills in order to support the advancement of individuals who will be able to adapt to the demands of international competition by teaching them how to use ICT and game development skills in a complementary manner.