As it is known, with the development of industrialization in the century, the concept of “project management” appears to have emerged. Development of Railways, especially for the development of raw material transport, the increase in construction work after the World Wars is due to the necessity of defining the concept of the project that is known today and its effective use in terms of resources. It is known that “Project Management” was used for the first time during this period when the construction of the first transcontinental railroad was carried out by the United States.

In the 1900s, as business leaders grappled with emerging labor laws and regulations, Henry Gantt, the father of modern project management, developed planning and control techniques to ensure that business leaders were successful in the face of new regulations. This process was the first example of the development of the Gantt chart, which provided control of the project calendar.

In 1911, Frederic Taylor published his book” Principles of Scientific Management ” based on his experiences in the steel industry. The aim of the book was to enable employees who did not have project management skills to learn the skills quickly and simply they needed to work on new, complex projects. Taylor also developed new systems for incentive-based wage system and Time Management, which are still used by companies today.

After the Second World War until the 1980s, began using mathematical methods in project management that is dominated by two very important methods; Program Evaluation and review, which soon complete minimum spending of individual tasks with the method factors and the activities of the project will be completed and the completion of this activity at the time points to be eliminated easily and confusion which permits analyzing The Critical Path Method (CPM ) method is developed.

Between 1980 and 2000, the era of computer and Project Management began. During this period, the use of computers gradually began to play an important role in project management. In the 1990s, with the widespread use of the internet, some programs called Project Management began to be developed.
Since the 2000s, we have seen automation increase and increase in efficiency, computer control systems and complex algorithms have been developed, and more work has been done in less time and with fewer errors than in previous periods. The growth of the internet has also enabled the development of web-based project management applications. Currently, web-based project management applications are easily accessible and available on individual computers, mobile tools.


Fatma AKAY
General Manager