iNSPIRE Project

iNSPIRE Project

INSPIRE: Innovation for Social Entrepreneurship Project


INSPIRE project is supported by the France National Agency under the Erasmus+ program and carried out with international consortium including Association Culturelle des Jeunes Turcs de Bar le Duc (FR), Workplace Innovation Europe CLG (IR), ISCTE – Instituto Universitário de Lisboa (PT), Innovative Thinking Lab. (TR) and Voices of the World (BE) between November 2021-30 October 2023.

 This project aims to improve and reinforce the young entrepreneurs’ capacity to respond to the challenges that the labor markets are facing during the COVID-19 pandemic or will face similar challenges in the future. The project seeks to foster cooperative learning environments, making them transformative and inclusive through the effective adoption of new methodologies, such as digital learning operationalized by the INSPIRE Live Hub. The INSPIRE’s goal is to improve skills for social entrepreneurs and increase the potential for social enterprise creation. The project will engage diverse stakeholders in dialogue and cooperation including non-profit associations, universities, training providers, social innovation organizations, research centers, and public agencies. The project will focus on the five Intellectual Outputs during two years: 

  1. Comparative Diagnosis of Social Entrepreneurship in Europe; 
  2. Model for the Social Entrepreneurship Network; 
  3. INSPIRE Live HUB; 
  4. Public Policy on Social Entrepreneurship; 
  5. Lessons to INSPIRE

The INSPIRE Social Entrepreneurs Network project will create a learning HUB that will develop inspiring apprenticeships processes based on the identification of transferable lessons from the formal and informal learning environment to support the development of a social entrepreneurship network in several European countries.

Within the scope of the project, The INSPIRE Live HUB Train the Mentors will take place during 5 days in Ireland. After training, in the pilot implementation process, 15 young unemployed people from each participating country will participate in the INSPIRE Live HUB through online learning that will help to create the network and also help them to design a social business model. With international Competition, the best social business models will win the Inspire Award for Young Social Entrepreneur and will have the opportunity to angel investors all over Europe. INSPIRE ÁGORA will be organized with participation of the local, national stakeholders in partner countries.